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Donations and Sponsorships

Donations: Our "Want" List

Our academy is a large facility with many 'needs' and 'wants' not covered by our operating budget. Through the generosity of well-wishers like you, we are able to move forward and purchase equipment and supplies that contribute to the smooth functioning of our academy. In the past we have received funds for flying room foam, our vastu program tent, etc.

Building Improvements (Exterior):

Metal Roof for old wing: $25,000

Paint for new wing exterior (west and south facades): $1,000
Donation received, paint purchsed, & 1 coat of paint applied. Thank you!

Paint for new wing exterior (east facade): $1,500

Building Inprovements (Interior):

Paint for Stairways, Knowledge Room, Dining Rooms, etc.

Ceramic tile for entrance: $500 $300
$200 received. Thank you!

New beds

Hallway carpets


Parts to repair commercial washer: $750


Commercial Fridge with sliding doors: $1,500

Commercial Food Processor: $300

 Knowledge Rooms:
Flat Panel Televisions (2): $1,200 $600
$600 received & 1 television purchased. Thank you!

Computer for Maharishi Channel access: $500
Donation received & computer purchased. Thank you!


Model of Vedic Physiology: $2,500

Shelves for Vedic Library: $1,000

Recreational equipment for the enjoyment of course participants and residents.
ie. canoe, motorized boat, etc.

Please contact us if you wish to contribute to something on our list.

Sponsor Others to Attend Courses if You Cannot Attend Yourself

Group practice of Maharishi's program helps create coherence in world consciousness; alleviates tension; and promotes peace. If you are unable to attend our coherence creating courses, we invite you to provide support for others with financial need. Please consider sponsoring a course participant.

We look forward to your participation in our full program schedule. joining us here very soon. By utilizing Maharishi's programs to create world peace through group meditation, you will be contributing maximum coherence to world consciousness and thereby creating a powerful influence of peace at this crucial time in the world.

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